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AVIF Converter Online

AVIF stands for AV1 Image Format, and its extension or format is .avif. It is the next generation image format which allows extreme compression of images. AVIF’s compression is superior to its predecessor  WEBP (.webp) which can compress JPEG up to 50%. We provide AVIF online converter to do this. AVIF can compress images up to 70% of its original size. Brilliant!

AVIF is derived from keyframes of AV1 Video, maintained and developed by Alliance for Open Media along with Google, Cisco, and

How to Convert Images to AVIF

The easiest way to convert png to avif, gif to avif, jpg to avif and jpeg to avif for FREE is to use our online free avif converter which you are currently on.

Follow these steps to convert any image to .avif:

  1. Visit AVIF Converter Online (
  2. Drag and drop or click the upload button to select any image to convert
  3. AVIF converter online automatically picks the image and processes it,
  4. Download the image when done, simple!

It’s as simple as  that. Our online avif converter also provides some advanced function to enhance your conversion, some of these functions are:
  • Image quality specification
  • Selecting other AV1 formats which includes: .heif and .heic
  • Choosing a lossless option, which makes the image quality fixed as original.

How to Use AVIF on Your Website

The safest way to use .avif on your website is with the <picture> element to avoid browser issues.

See the procedures to use the AVIF image below:

<!-- use AVIF image if the browser supports it -->
<source type="image/avif" srcset="image.avif">
<!-- in case the browser does not support AVIF -->
<img alt="A Fallback image" src="image.jpg">

Comparison with Other Image Formats

Because AVIF uses the AV1 compression algorithms designed for videos by Alliance for Open Media, and has ever since been adopted by big tech companies like Netflix, the compression difference is so extreme. We analysed an image in the two popular formats .jpeg and .webp against .avif which was converted with our AVIF converter online tool. Here is our result:

JPEG Original Image

The size of the original (uncompressed) JPEG image format size is 61.1 kB.


WEBP Image Comprpession

The size of the same image compressed as WEBP image format size with 50% compression is 21.0 kB (65.63% compression).


AVIF Image Comprpession

The size of the same image compressed as AVIF image format size with 50% compression is 11.0 kB (82.0% compression).

Your browser does not support AVIF images

AVIF Support

Although AVIF is a new image feature, it has been supported in Chrome 85, Firefox is currently working on the full support, but can also be enabled by entering about:config in your Firefox browser and searching fro image.avif.enable and setting this parameter to true. Android will also support this in its next updates.

Start using AVIF

AVIF is the next generation image format which enable extreme image encoding/compression, start using avif images on your website by converting all your old and new images to .avif using our online AVIF converter, enjoy!

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